Based in London Alpha Art Advisory Limited is an internationally diverse team of art historians, appraisers, valuers, art sector experts and art agents. 


Managing Director, Ms Campbell consults in art collecting and sourcing art while she navigates her clients through the opaque art market. Her previous employment with private art collections and private wealth has poised Ms Campbell to offer her clients superior access to art markets, art appraisals, fine art collection creation, museum-quality art sourcing and art finance.

Ms Campbell's professional experience is fortified by Masters' degrees in art history, art business (Sotheby's Institute of Art) and personal finance. She is also a member of the International Societ of Appraisers.  She has been valuing, consulting and lecturing in art collecting and managing the financial side of art collecting for over twelve years.


The Alpha Global Network is designed to complement Alpha Art Advisory on an 'as needed' basis binging superior exposure to clients while lowering running costs. The Alpha Global Network is comprised of educated, trained and experienced associates placed globally with intimate knowledge of their local art markets (both established and emerging).

Fortified with the Alpha Network, Alpha addresses today's need for a broader access, more knowledgable and more personal approach to collection design.

Alpha services our clients in the Modern, Post-war, Contemporary, Old Masters and the burgeoning drive into the emerging art markets.

All major art fairs are attended by Alpha Art Advisory art market specialists meeting artists and working directly with collectors and dealers.